Hello everyone! So I’m happy to say that I have a great recipe for you guys! Like I promised on my last post, I made a dish that is a Puerto Rican delicacy…It’s called picadillo (pee-ka-di-yo). You guys are going to love this one! It’s so easy and it’s filled with so many flavors!

So here is the step by step process…. First you buy all of these ingredients: image-12

  • Ground Beef
  • Bell Peppers
  • White Onion
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Tomato Paste
  • Raisins
  • Olive Oil
  • Olives
  • Rice

You are going to grab your ground beef and season it with a little bit of salt, pepper and olive oil.

image-10Drizzle that olive oil on a pan and begin cooking the meat.


In the meantime, start boiling some water for the rice…I had my friend Mark (a fellow Puerto Rican) come over and help me with that since I always find a way to mess rice up.

image-22While he was making the rice, I started to chop up all of the olives, bell peppers, onions and raisins.

                               image-15image-14 image-23 image-9And I added them to the ground beef

image-1Mix it all together and add your tomato paste & diced tomatoes

image-17Check on your rice and make sure that its fully cooked

image-5Serve it on your plate.



image-18See? Super easy and extremely delicious!

Don’t forget to play some music and complement your meal with a cold Corona (if you are 21+, obvi)

Overall Prep Time: 45 min

Overal Price : ~$25 (keep in mind, most of these ingredients can be reused)

Let me know if this meal has either inspired you to cook a Puerto Rican dish OR tempted you to book a trip the the beautiful island I get to call home!

Happy Cooking!



Hi everyone!!!

So I’m sad to say that I don’t have a recipe for you guys. My parents are in town this week for my birthday and I have had no time to cook. I’m trying to take advantage of the fact that they are here to go to really nice restaurants (MUAHAHA).

But anyways, this week’s blog post is dedicated to my family. The main reason I decided to write a blog about cooking is because of them.

I have a huge Puerto Rican family, so I bet you can imagine how crazy it gets during the holidays. All of my aunts cook something delicious and then we just all get together to eat and gossip.

Ever since I got to college, my family has tried everything to teach me how to make simple Puerto Rican dishes. It hasn’t been that successful…it just doesn’t taste the same!

Luckily, I found out that there is a Puerto Rican restaurant here in DC where I can go if I am feeling homesick! It’s called Mio (which means “mine” in Spanish) and it is absolutely amazing! I took my parents this week and they were amazed by how good it was!  If you like rice and beans, fried food, and plantains – you will definitely like this restaurant!

Next week, expect a Puerto Rican recipe. I know I’m gonna feel a little homesick once my parents leave so I’m going to want to make some comfort food.

Once again, sorry for not having a recipe today! I promise my next post will make up for it!

Happy Cooking!