Hi everyone!!!

So I’m sad to say that I don’t have a recipe for you guys. My parents are in town this week for my birthday and I have had no time to cook. I’m trying to take advantage of the fact that they are here to go to really nice restaurants (MUAHAHA).

But anyways, this week’s blog post is dedicated to my family. The main reason I decided to write a blog about cooking is because of them.

I have a huge Puerto Rican family, so I bet you can imagine how crazy it gets during the holidays. All of my aunts cook something delicious and then we just all get together to eat and gossip.

Ever since I got to college, my family has tried everything to teach me how to make simple Puerto Rican dishes. It hasn’t been that successful…it just doesn’t taste the same!

Luckily, I found out that there is a Puerto Rican restaurant here in DC where I can go if I am feeling homesick! It’s called Mio (which means “mine” in Spanish) and it is absolutely amazing! I took my parents this week and they were amazed by how good it was!  If you like rice and beans, fried food, and plantains – you will definitely like this restaurant!

Next week, expect a Puerto Rican recipe. I know I’m gonna feel a little homesick once my parents leave so I’m going to want to make some comfort food.

Once again, sorry for not having a recipe today! I promise my next post will make up for it!

Happy Cooking!


COOK 1001: Principles of Cooking Between Classes

Fall 2013 GWU

Paula F.

Sunday 9PM


Blog Description: 
Welcome to Principles of Cooking Between Classes. This blog is designed to teach university students how to prepare delicious meals that are relatively simple and cheap. Those who read this blog have to be ready for a rigorous semester of chopping veggies, boiling pasta, and seasoning protein. You are expected to mess up, I do it all the time…That’s what makes it fun!


Every student is encouraged to read the blog every week and comment/share some pics. If you tried to make one of the recipes, let me know and give me a heads up on how it went for you!

Did you like the food?

Did you have any trouble with it?

I will be posting some recipes and cooking experiences once a week. Hopefully this goes well and it could continue for the rest of the year.

Looking forward to this semester! Happy Cooking!